Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nationals Prep

So we got a bit of info yesterday in the form of a race update...apparently Nationals will be a 30 hour rogaine style event. VERY GOOD for least the rogaine part...but honestly I was hoping to only have to spend around 20 hours on my healing ankle, but I have my trekking poles, an ankle brace, and a full bottle of ibuprofen, so I should be set.

It is also expedition style...which means we have to carry all our food and extra clothing with us. How much food do you need for 30 hours??? Well, since I suck at eating when I'm out on course (and my teammates ALWAYS have extra food), I should probably pack 2000 calories and call it a day. But no, I have put together 6,500 calories - roughly 200 calories an hour. And I WILL EAT IT...mostly because I DON'T WANT TO CARRY IT. This 6,500 calories weighs about 5 pounds, but at least it doesn't take up too much space. I've decided I'll go light on water (because I also suck at drinking out on course), and just fill up at creeks (or drink my teammates water), since a full 100 oz bladder weighs about 6.8 lbs. Because of my gimp ankle, I'm trying to keep my pack weight 10 lbs or less, so that will mean stashing some of my gear in my teammate's packs (but they are strong like Spartans!) I also need to figure out a way to hide a bottle of Coke in someone's pack without them knowing...I tried that trick on Neal in Michigan last year and the bloody bastard drank half of it before I even had a sip!! Hence I learned..."if you aren't carrying it..its not really YOURS."


Neal said... looks like your just testing to see if I am reading your blog...& yes i am :)

Let's see, you secretly stash coke in a teammates pack and you still get to drink half of it...not a bad deal really. Maybe you should have stashed two cokes! :) The "carry all you food" thing would have sucked for me...a 6 pack of Coor's Light is heavy and there is no way you'd carry a beer for me... :)

I think the format will help the locals that know the area and I know your good at the rogaine format as should be interesting :)

Good luck and cheers,

Lisa said...

I'm still working on those stretching pics for you...maybe I'll take them in my naughty Halloween costume!

Julia said...

Hey!! Haha - with the sexy knee-high socks and the pigtails, your Halloween costume looks almost like my Bavarian outfit.

P.S. I think we need to send Swiftwick copies of these pics. :)