Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Weekend, No Pics : (

Had a nice weekend, although it could have been warmer. Saturday I pre-rode the Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon Bike course. It was 14 miles exactly, but it may be a bit too long for some of our racers. I might look at shortening it to 12 miles like last year so that the slowest racers are done in 3 hours.

Sunday, Kim and I went to the Bull Mtn area and did an nice fireroad/ATV trail climbing ride. I was expecting temps in the 50's but I'm glad I over dressed since it never hit 50 at the low elevations and up high it was hovering near freezing. Lots of icicles on the rock outcrops and icy patches on the roads. The descent off winding stair gap felt a good bit colder than last weekend but it was still fun and the ride was much more singlespeed-friendly than I had anticipated.

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