Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Run Randall Run!

People have been asking me what my plans are for 2009 and I happily keep telling them that I don't really have any...except for a few early season events that I've already signed up for. The big shocker...they are all running events. Against my better judgement, I signed up for the Red Top Rumble, an 11.5 mile trail race in February, and I'm supposed to be teaming up with Thomas "the Hitman" Turner for the Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon.

So I'm doing way more running than usual..3-4 times a week and my pace over my usual 8 mile course is the fastest its ever been..just under an hour. The problem is, that while I'm pretty respectable on a scale of 30-yr-old-women-who-don't-consider-themselves-runners over longer distances, I still lack the foot speed to run a sub-twenty minute 5K. (6:27 min/mile)

I went to the track today to run some 200m and 400m intervals and I learned one very important thing...I one-hundred percent totally SUCK at running fast. I'm so ashamed of my times that I won't even post them, but lets just say those Olympic marathoners run faster for 26 miles than my gasping, drooling, flailing 400m pace. Even worse was my 200m speed. Damn, I was WAY faster when I ran track when I was 13...which is pretty pitiful. I've been told that it gets easier, and that I just need to "retrain" my muscles for speed. We'll see, but in the mean time, I'm trying not to trip or pull any muscles!


Namrita O'Dea said...

I ran on a track the other day and tried to "sprint"..it was a JOKE. I hope no one was watching me! :)

BTW, you and the Hitman should make a killer team!

Happy New Year to you and Chris!

Lisa said...

Thanks, same to you. Drink a beer for me!

I'm told as your muscles adapt, the sprinting isn't so ridiculous looking : )

Neal said...

Do the technique drills and the speed will come...and quickly too....4-6 weeks and you be fast :)

Lisa said...

And where would I find said technique drills? I need as much help as possible!

Julia said...

Neal's tried to get me to do said "drills" last summer. Ugh, I can run 400m faster at the end of a 5 mile run than in just a 400m sprint. How sad is that?
Let's all do those lovely drills/track workouts together, shared misery. And you'll feel better about your "sprinting" once you see how slow I am. :)