Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tired of washing my bike

After getting pounded with rain yesterday and last night, we decided to head down to Dauset this morning, as we hoped they didn't get any rain. As we got close to the trail, we noticed the roads were wet, so of course I thought "whoopee! another soggy ride and an hours worth of cleaning gear and bikes after the ride..."

As it turned out, the trails weren't too bad, except for the huff and puff connector which was just a boggy mess that spewed mud and slop all over our bikes and bodies. Note to self...avoid this trail next time around. By our third lap, the wind and sun had done a pretty good job of drying the trails out so it was actually pleasant riding.

We got home before the bottom fell out of the thermometer, but I still had frozen fingers by the time I finished washing my bike...for the third time this week. We've got a day of wretched cold (highs in the 30s) weather tomorrow that my father in law from Chicago must be bringing with him. I think it was like 8 degrees up there today...

We'll have a full house for the holidays...5 people and 4 cats. Thankfully we at least outnumber the cats or they might turn on us!

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