Friday, January 23, 2009


What you are about to see should be a crime... I had hoped to keep this one safe from all the geeky accoutrements that come along with adventure racing, but unfortunately this weekend's Sandmann AR has led me back to the dark side.

Ah yes, the obligatory handlebar mounted map holder. I hope I didn't scratch that carbon bar because I'm sure it was expensive!

Gel Flask holder secured by the most useful item known to electrical tape. While the gel flask is quite utilitarian, nothing screams ghetto like a manky electrical tape job, as seen in the photo above.

Heaven help me, what have I done!

1 comment:

Carey said...

Shame, shame! I have an extra carbon riser bar should you so happen to deface the one on "Sex" now ... I will sell it cheap.

Hey, does the hose leading from the shock to its "brain" rub the tire when you take hard hits? Mine does and I have had to use electrical tape to hold it out of the way.