Friday, February 6, 2009

Goldrush: Consider yourself warned!

I've been talking with Toby B. of the YMCA and will be helping him with the course design for the 2009 Goldrush Adventure Race. I figure that even though I won't be racing, I can still ensure that I am not forgotten by coming up with a tough course that will have even the strongest teams cursing me at times. We did some scouting on Wednesday at an undisclosed area and found some great don't be surprised should any checkpoints end up in slightly undesirable locations...

On another positive note, it is supposed to warm up this weekend - so hopefully I can muster the energy to get out on my mountain bike. I've been dying to try to the S-works on a rough, yet DRY trail, so I may head up to the Blue Ridge Area to giver her a whirl.

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Julia Radmann said...

Can it get any worse than what we attempted to bikewhack through last year???? I think not.