Saturday, February 7, 2009

So nice when things actually work like they're supposed to...

Finally got out on a mostly dry trail to really test out the S-works on some rocky downhills. I chose the Flat Creek Trail in Blue Ridge, because it has a pretty rough downhill section that is tame enough such that I can still carry a lot of speed through the rocks. I ride the loop counter-clockwise, so that I climb the gravel road portion. Once I hit the top and started the first easy descents I noticed how smooth things felt. As I got into the rockier sections and started picking up speed, my brain kind of went into sensory overload - trying to process EVERYTHING I was rolling over until I snapped myself out if it and thought to myself...just let the bike do the have're a cheetah...smooth, smooth...blah blah. As I pounded through some of the rockiest sections, I realized I wasn't even picking a line...I couldn' was too leafy....yet the bike handled beautifully and I never once got jacked. After that first run, things must have really clicked because I felt so smooth the second time down. I focused on not scrubbing so much speed as I hit the rock sections and just rolling through them and it worked like a charm. The difference between the S-works and my hardtail on that trail was like night and day. As I hit a tighter, more singletracky section that had a mixture of loose rocks, mud and roots, I just railed right through it and it felt GOOD. likey. Canadian Rockies - consider yourself warned - I'm coming for you!

I pondered doing another lap, but I convinced myself that I was getting over confident and that my endorphins were going to get me into trouble, so I headed over to Green Mountain instead.

Next test....Fort Mountain East West Loop. Its been probably 2 years since I rode there and probably 3 years since I've been able to clean that big downhill without dabbing, crashing, whining or wimping out. Last time I was there it had about a 2' deep erosion gully system snaking its way down one of the steeper pitches. Maybe they've done some maintenance out there...or maybe not...we'll have to see. I'm taking Chris with me, so if I don't put in a good effort or if I make any noises that give the slightest hint of fear, I will most certainly be booed.

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