Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pine Loggin'

Kim and I headed out for a late afternoon exploratory ride at Pine Log. Funny, she asked me if she should bring lights and I was thinking... muhaha...do you really have to ask?

We rode the usual stuff until we hit a newer logging road spur. It used to dead end and then you could pick up an ATV trail that takes you south towards the powerline. Of course they have since torn the shit out of what used to be a lovely trail and now it is a chunky, rutted, abomination of a fireroad. It was good skills practice to try to avoid sliding into one of the knee deep ruts, but the landscape was pretty desolate due to the logging.

Then we hit some woodsy ATV trails that were a little easier on the eyes...

Eventually we came out on the powerline, which was either straight up or straight down, and full of lines of varying difficulty, some of which involved waist deep ruts. I'll most definitely be back with Chris, since he's all about riding down stuff you can't walk up.

Dude, it ate my bike!

Lots of fun stuff to ride down and then...argh...BRIARS!!!! Evasive maneuver required!

We ended with about two hours of riding, and saw some new trails, so it was a good afternoon ride.

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