Sunday, February 22, 2009


Had a nice ride Saturday at Pine was sunny and warm and no bulky layers were required to maintain a pleasant level of comfort.

Sunday...not so much! I've decided I really don't like the thermometer in my car. It just demoralizes me as I drive up to a ride and have to watch the temperature drop one degree at a time. At least when we got up to Dukes Creek (near Helen), it was above freezing. Chris ran in the O-meet that was going on, while Kim, Mike and I went for a MTB ride up Trey Mountain and down the Hickory Nut Trail. The first few miles of pavement were chilly, but we warmed up pretty fast once we started the 8.5 mile climb to Trey Gap. Approaching 3800', we made it above the snow line.

It was miserably windy up at the Gap so we ducked behind a car, put on our jackets and proceeded to bomb downhill. The rugged FS road was really fun, although I think I enjoy it better in the summer when I can actually feel my fingers and confirm that I really am holding onto my handlebar. The final section was on the Hickory Nut Trail, which is very Pine Loggy in my opinion...gets relatively little use, has lots of leaves covering a bunch of rocks, random deadfall and wheel raping sticks a-plenty. Super fun though and technical enough to keep you on your toes.

Once we returned I helped pick up orienteering bags at Dukes Creek. Big Mistake. Holy rhodo and briar least where I had to go. I can't imagine how bad it gets there in the summer! I was glad to have skipped this one, but didn't make it out without tearing the hell out of what I was wearing. Argh!

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