Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exciting news..

Well, we just returned from our 21 week ultrasound and all looks good. The baby's measurements are all in the normal range, heartbeat is really good, etc. Oh, and we found out that it's a GIRL! Yay! A Mini-me...I shall dress her just like mom and we shall have such fun terrorizing daddy!...How small do those OutSpokin' kits come? What about helmets? Do those cute skull diapers come in pink?

I was worried about her growth since I'm not showing much, but she's doing fine and my lack of belly girth is just lack of extra fat since I've continued to ride 6-10 hours a week. The docs are all happy though so that is good. Running gets a bit more annoying each week, especially with this kid dancing on my bladder, so I'm not sure how much longer I really want to suffer through that. Cycling is working out well, especially the SS since I can stand up and I feel like I'm keeping my legs stronger by riding it.

I'm feeling well after Cohutta and we did a nice ride up in the Blue Ridge WMA yesterday. Public Service Announcement...the Forest Service just dumped a load of fresh RUBBLE (I can't even consider it gravel...) on FS 42 and FS 58. Funny, I thought they didn't have any money.... Anyhow, FS 42 was definitely the worse of the two, especially on the SS hardtail. The uphills were twice as much work and the downhills were like riding a jackhammer. A couple of good rains and some vehicle traffic are in order to smooth things out a bit. Fish Hatchery Rd was still untouched, but it is likely just a matter of time before they get to it.


Namrita O'Dea said...

I see a pink Twin Six one-sie in your future!

Lorna said...

Awesome news Lisa. Congratulations!

Julia Radmann said...

Yeah, a little adventure girl, awesome. Did you pick a name yet?