Monday, May 4, 2009


Whew! Had a pretty good weekend. We managed to sneak in a road ride on Saturday morning before it rained, so that was good, then we went and did a few hours of trail work, where we only had to deal with about 10 minutes of torrential downpour. I was again thoroughly worn out afterwards, as Chris likes to do "endurance trailwork"....once he gets going with the saw, its like trying to get a kid to come in after playing outside all day. Men and their power tools....

Sunday was just a lazy day with a short ride at Blankets thrown in. I attempted to get some work done, but my brain cells are quickly being consumed by the fetal growth process it seems.

It should be pretty quiet at work this week, so thank goodness for that! We have an orienteering meet that we are hosting at Red Top Mtn coming up in two weeks and the following week we are off for a four day camping/riding/hiking trip in North Georgia.

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