Friday, April 24, 2009

How many times have I said...

...Honey, if you find some really neato, super awesome, way-better-than-what-I-currently-have new piece of better not come home with just one...

I have been telling my husband that for the past 10 years AT LEAST, yet he continues to taunt me with the occasional piece new, fancy outdoor gear that ends up being oh-so-much-better than the equivalent that I have. And then, (of course) he complains that I steal all his cool stuff!

Last night he came home from REI with the mac-daddy of Thermarests...its a Thermarest with a piece of foam on top, all inside a fleecy blanket pouch. Fully inflated it is 3" thick and rivals any bedroom mattress. Sure, its not practical for backpacking, but the majority of our camping is less than a hundred feet from the car, so I say bring on the fluff! I told him I will sleep well on it tonight up at Thunder Rock, and he just gave me the snarly face. It go well with the extra pillow that I now need to sleep comfortably since I'm not supposed to lay on my back anymore...grrrr..

Tomorrow...a nice long day on the bike up at the Ocoee White Water Center...can't wait!

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