Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wow..Recovery really does work!

We headed up to the Ocoee again today to ride the Big Frog loop again. Much to my surprise, it was so much easier today....amazing what recovery + being properly hydrated and fueled can do for a person. Last time I rode that particular section it seemed like a death march - even the downhills were leaving me grumpy because I wasn't eating and drinking enough. Well, today I felt great. No climb was too steep nor gravel too deep!

I think my conservative heart rate actually works FOR me during longer rides, as I don't build up tons of lactic acid and get that heavy feeling in my legs. As long as I eat and drink sufficiently, it is really quite pleasant.

We ended our ride with a cruise down the Thunder Rock trail. MMMMmm...Thunder Rock....Yummy! It was a great way to end the ride that of course left me grinning ear to ear.

I'm looking forward to this weekend - the weather should be fantastic. Now I'm just focusing on giving my legs and body some good old R & R so they feel good on Saturday.

Ride Hard, Rest Harder...

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