Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Yesterday, we did a pre-ride of the Cohutta 65 route, minus the last portion of singletrack. After reading about how Carey was taking pumpkin pie on her long rides, I tossed the clif bloks aside and packed myself a big piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting....mmmm! The only problem was the container it was in was fairly large and it didn't fit in my small pack very well. Because of this, I had to skimp on other necessities, such as water and other calories, which I clearly didn't bring enough of for a 5+ hour ride. I was feeling the crankieness of low blood sugar at about 4 hours in, but I stopped to eat my cake and a Hammer Gel and seemed to perk back up for the final climb back to the whitewater center. This morning I weighed myself and it appears that during yesterday's ride, I lost the two pounds that I've finally definitely need to re-hydrate.

I was glad to finally have ridden the Big Frog section of FS road but it was pretty much only good for good 'ol suffering. Lots of needless elevation gained and lost. I thought for sure we'd cruise downhill back to 221, but no...we went down, down, down, just to climb way back up. I'd say this is where you either gain or lose time in the Cohutta 65, as the rest of the climbing felt pretty easy after that section.

It was also nice to ride fast, easy singletrack for a change. After bouncing off of babyheads at Pine Log and Fort Mountain for the last couple months, the buff Brush Creek and Whitewater center trails seemed so smooth and fast. Hmm...maybe I'd actually enjoy a ride at Blankets since I've pretty much abstained from those trails for the sake of improving my technical skills instead...

Right now my faithful steed, Sex on Wheels, needs some serious TLC. She not only needs a nice bubble bath, but her brakes need to be bled and she is due for some new knobbies. I also need to pick up a wireless computer from OutSpokin', since my el-cheapo $15 wired one finally crapped out. I'd buy another el-cheapo, but my husband gets annoyed by my ghetto-ization of every high-end bike I own. The amount of electrical tape on my Colnago would make most roadies shudder...along with its squeaking chain.


Carey said...

Container for the cake ... you don't need no stinkin' container. Just freeze it in some plastic wrap, followed by a Ziploc bag. Put it in your pack and by the time you crave it, it will be thawed and good to go. The only hard part is sometimes the cream cheese unthaws too quickly and then you have to scrape it off the plastic with your tongue.

Lisa said...

and scrape I will, because I'm not about to waste perfectly good cream cheese frosting!