Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunny Skies ahead

Yesterday, Chris and I headed down to Dauset Trails for an orienteering meet. I was amazed at the small turnout, since its such a fun place to spend the day running around in the woods and riding. I followed my run on the red course with a short ride on the SS and my legs were telling me they were tired! Not much snap left in them after 4 days of tooling around on the SS. Today we decided to rest, eat, and drive around and look at potential houses for my parents. Of course we found one that WE would love to move into...if we could only sell our current place!

Chris is making Chocolate Caramel Pecan cheesecakes - one for his office function tomorrow and one for me to pig out on! Mmmm... It's probably a good thing my stomach has shrunk, else I may devour the entire pie in one sitting!

This week looks to be full of sunny skies and warm temps so I'm looking forward to some good rides and maybe Cohutta on Saturday, when its supposed to be a toasty 80 degrees! Yay, summer is almost here!

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