Friday, May 8, 2009

Country Roads Take Me Home

After 3 days of dismal, dreary weather and feeling like a sloth, I finally got outside yesterday and put in some road miles. I left work early to drop my boss of at the MARTA and she suggested that I just go straight home. Yes, ma'am..that is a fine idea! It was warm and sunny, and knowing I'd be working probably all evening from home, I took advantage of an afternoon ride up at White. How pleasant it was to just cruise along at my own pace and enjoy the scenery.

I enjoyed it so much that I went back up there this morning before the rain showers came through. In 2.5 hours of riding, I was passed by 3 cars. How wonderful is that?? Its nice to know that some places haven't completely gone to hell in the last ten years. It does seem that many affluent people are moving up there and building beautiful homes on expansive farm land - which I would love to do if Chris didn't have to commute to work every would be quite a haul for him. I think that we could probably actually still afford to build our dream home up there, but the commute would definitely be a killer. So, in the meantime, we're stuck in our nice, yet too-close-to-my-crazy-neighbors-for-my-taste subdivision.

Tomorrow we're heading to Pine Log to test out the new trail - hopefully we'll sneak it in before the "isolated thunderstorms" hit.

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