Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Campout

We just returned from a fine weekend campout in North Georgia. The weather cooperated with us for the most part, only raining at night and being cool and cloudy during the days. We ended up staying in the same site as last year since it was quiet and private. We set up camp on Friday morning and then headed out for a ride through Cooper Creek WMA, up Wolfpen Gap and then back down the Duncan Ridge Trail.

Our basecamp. The Ez-up Tent was a great addition to our camping arsenal...especially when it sprinkled.

We thought we had the perfect spot, but were invaded late Friday night by a threesome who couldn't find anywhere to camp and wanted to camp down the hill from us. It was a good distance away, so not a huge deal, other than the fact that we'd have to smell their smokey fire and the creek down the hill was our bathing area...

On Saturday, we did the Noontootla Loop with some extra riding back to the campground. I brought the camera with on all our rides, but of course didn't want to stop to take pictures... I think I was already driving Chris crazy enough with my incessant bathroom breaks.

Happy Bikes...

After the ride and some lunch, we went for a short hike on the Cooper Creek Trail, which was quite a wake up call for me. I haven't been hiking or walking much (even though it is highly recommended for pregnant peeps) because it seemed rather useless to me, especially when I could easily do a 3-4 hour MTB ride instead. Well, it turns out walking really helps a lot and puts you in a completely different position than riding, so it strengthens different muscles and ligaments - especially the ones that hold up your belly. Suffice it to say, those muscles and ligaments were beat by the end of our short hike, so I guess I need to add walking to my regimen.

Sunday morning we slept in and then went for a hike on the Yellow Branch and Mill Creek Trails. This hike went a bit better and was a little longer than our hike the day before.

Later that afternoon we did a short ride around the Cooper Creek WMA. Chris said he'd be tired and I'd drop him, but he lied, and ended up making me chase after him. When we got back, we had dinner and some toasted marshmallows until the rain started. It rained pretty hard during the night, so we ended up packing up the next morning to head home. The sun actually came out up there, so we could have gotten in another ride, but I was pretty beat, and figured it would be nice to get home early and dry out all the gear.

We followed up with a nice lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse, where I of course ordered my usual double order of fried rice with my meal and ate way too much of it. Now I'm full and happy!

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