Monday, June 1, 2009

Falling Down on the Blogging...

Wow, a whole week went by and I haven't posted any updates. Last week was pretty good. We received our box of new stems from Thomson, as I had to cash in a bunch of freebie certificates to get some higher rise stems to make riding more comfortable. I also switched my road wheels to my cyclocross bike, which is a bit more comfortable to ride and has brake levers on the tops of the bar, which is where I've been resting my hands lately. After a suicidal squirrel ran in between or through? my wheels on Friday, I figured it would be good to have brakes where my hands actually are!

Chris said I was starting to pedal "knees-out" on my road bike so we had to do something drastic, lest I look like those goofy people who can't seem to raise their seat high enough. We had a nice 55 mile ride on Saturday morning, but I was reminded of how much my scrawny body still sucks at breaking through a headwind.

Sunday was the GAOC Canoe-O where I was a bit over-zealous and Julia and I ended up going a minute overtime. I'm not sure what the penalty was, so I guess we'll have to wait until results are posted. We were up against Kim and Chris who were paddling our other canoe, so I figured we'd either beat them by a hair or go down fighting. Looks like we went down fighting at least. After paddling, us girls headed out for a MTB ride on the Fort Yargo trails while Chris sat through a lengthy GAOC meeting.

I have to say that there is quite a lot of quality trail now at Fort Yargo and we rode the new "Monster Mile" section. Unfortunately, we were going in the uphill direction, so it was more like the "Cadence-of-30-rpm-and-a-lot-of-grunting Mile" for Julia and I on our singlespeeds. I'm pleased that my IF still handles great, despite us raising the handlebar a bit, but then, I'm convinced that it truly is the world's greatest bike.

I have a belated B-day present hopefully coming soon...a Niner 29" scandium singlespeed. I'm excited to have big wheels! Can't wait to see how they roll! Thanks again to my super-hubby for picking out a practical gift for me! Maybe now I can stay far enough away from him that he won't rub my back wheel!


Janet said...

Hi Lisa! It's Janet Jolly Edwards. You have answered a few of my emails about AR. I seem to have lost your email address. :)

Can I please email you again for some help?? I can't ever make the TrailBlazer orienteering training and the REI training mainly focuses on GPS units. Can you help me???

Julia Radmann said...

Did I miss your birthday? Oh no. Happy Birthday. When was it? We'll have to make up for it. Another belated Bday present.. yeah. ;)