Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just another Thursday

So I guess its officially hot here now, since the temps today and in the next few days are supposed to top 95 degrees. My hubby is lucky enough to be out on Lake Allatoona today for a company outing. They rented some I mean yachts...and a jet-ski...and instead of some lame pot-luck picnic, they are probably getting rowdy, making waves, and sliding down the waterslide beers-in-hand. Apparently computer geeks are better at planning social activities than engineers, because I have yet to have a company picnic that was that exciting.

We are nearing completion of painting the stripes in the nursery and should finish that up tonight. One of our cats, Fudgie, likes to "talk" to us while we paint, but his tail got a little too close to the paint tray this morning and he was left with some green stripes himself!

The weather looks pretty nasty for road riding tomorrow morning, as I have a doc appt. that will keep me from getting out there before 9:30. By then it will be 85 degrees in the sun and I will be hard boiled by the time I'm finished. Sounds But, since the Siege on Ft. Yargo is Saturday, I feel obligated to get some bike miles in on Friday. I know...I must be neurotic since I'm in my third trimester and I still worry about miles and hours, but I'd like to stay as active as I can, while I can, since I'm sure that last month will be a doozy.

I finally got a new pair on Inov-8 shoes yesterday, after about a month of size swapping...funny, but I now have three pairs and they are three different sizes, ranging from a 7.5 to 8.5. These new ones are RocLite 320's so I hope to try them out on my next hike/jog. I'm so very much wanting to race right now and yearn for the days when I can go back to falling down and beating the heck out of myself. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through Chris as he teams up with Kim and Julia this weekend to defend our title at Fort Yargo. No pressure...

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