Sunday, June 21, 2009

Siege on Ft Yargo/Baby Shower

We headed up to Fort Yargo yesterday for the Siege sprint AR where Chris, Kim and Julia did battle with 102 other teams. It was extremely tough to be around so many racers and NOT be racing...I tried to convince Goble and Peter J. that we needed to throw a threesome together, but I think we were short one bike and a the three of us settled for chasing teams around and taking pictures. Here they are all clean and smiley before the race:

Their first special test was trying to fit 3 bikes, 3 coolers, 3 bins and 3 people all in a 6' x 6' square transition space...considering how much open space there was in the vicinity..this was a bit goofy.

The race started with a run to retrieve a numbered passport which indicated which race discipline each team would do first. Unfortunately, the OutSpokin' gang had to paddle first which turned out to be somewhat of a disadvantage as that section had the fewest possible CPs on it. They had some initial frustration on one of the early paddle points that was hung under a low bridge, but after that, things seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Next they were off on the bikes which was good, because it meant that I could ride around and take pictures of them going to the various bike CPs. I managed to get a good bit of riding in throughout the race and thoroughly enjoyed bombing down the new "Monster Mile" which is full of whoop-te-dos. The team didn't seem to have any problems with the bike section and obtained all but one CP.

Finally they headed out on the trek where they picked up a bunch of CPs, but had to skip quite a few due to the time cutoff.

Gearing up..

How could you possibly look this happy jogging around in 98 degree heat wearing a pfd???

As the finish cutoff was drawing near, I began to get worried. At about a minute and a half from the cutoff, I saw them running up the hill. I told them they had 30 seconds for extra motivation...sorry guys :)

Not as clean, but just as smiley as when they started...

The awards were pretty anti-climactic, as they only announced the top three teams in each division, but did not specify which place each team got. Chris checked the CP totals of the other teams, and it looked like they were unofficially first by 5 CPs, so it was a good day for Team OutSpokin'!

After the race, Julia and Kim organized a Baby Shower for Chris and I in one of the picnic shelters. It was pretty quick, since we were all hot and tired. We ate some good food and opened presents (yay!)

Only at a Randall Baby shower would the mom-to-be still be wearing her bike shorts. Also of note are the bike and canoe in the background. Precious!

I opened gifts while Chris ate banana pudding:

This was her "transition area" outfit from Julia (after yesterday, we may need to get a "Daddy Rules" onesie as well):

All kinds of goodies for bathtime!

Thanks to Julia and Kim for taking the time to organize this for us. Any shower where I can mountain bike first gets two thumbs up from me!

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