Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third Trimester

Who hoo! Today marks the official start of my third trimester. I guess this is when things start to get ugly...So far I have been blessed with minimal weight gain (7 lbs and it appears to be all baby...or at least that's what I tell myself) and minimal aches and pains. I credit this to remaining active and not letting pregnancy get me in a slump.

Being an endurance athlete, I'm used to some part of me usually aching, so the back pain and rib pain is tolerable, as long as I get my mind off of it. My belly is starting to feel pretty tight and crammed, so I'm hoping my skin will stretch a bit more before my ribs start getting all deformed. No stretch marks yet, but I'm so small that I don't see how I will avoid them...sigh.

We celebrated the day with a 55 mile road ride up at White. Here I am with my cross bike that I converted to a road bike since its a teensy bit more comfortable to ride with my big belly. Normally I would refrain from a side-view pic, but Chris says I still look like my normal self from the front. I wore one of my old SoBe jerseys because I remember them being loose...hmmmm...

Sadly, I am getting slower while Chris is getting faster, which I think is payback for all my years of racing and "torturing" him (his words) on MTB rides. Its hard now not to notice the little creature growing in my belly, as I think she requires more oxygen - because it sure seems like there is less for me! I'm hoping to at least get another month out of my cross/road bike before I have to start riding my much more upright MTB on the roads. Oh, won't that be shameful! Thankfully I haven't experienced any changes in balance or center of gravity yet (I also attribute that to riding on a regular basis), as I'm still smooth and coordinated in the singletrack. I'm sure the words singletrack and third trimester shouldn't be used in the same sentence, but really, I ride better than I can walk!

Oh well, I'm out to see if I can help with some yard work outside, then we're off to a party at my boss's house.

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