Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Week Down...

...In the midst of my 34th week of being preggo and not a whole lot happened this past week. After last week's 5k, I decided I was done suffering on runs so I've decided I'm just going to walk really fast from now on. I still enjoy a little jog on the uphills, but the downs are just a wee bit uncomfortable.

Work is slow right now, but I'm getting huge, so its not like I can actually take advantage of the down time and pile on a bunch of training hours. Yes, I'm in self-preservation/maintenance mode right now - ride enough so I'm not a complete mess when I get back on the bike after the baby is born, but not so much that I go into labor on the side of the trail!

The hubby and I went for a hike at Boling Park yesterday and managed to not get too lost on the trail system there. We went down some new trails, which seemed to fork everywhere and all had yellow blazes. A little convoluted, but we managed to loop back around to the Etowah River trail and make it back to the car before the thunderstorms rolled in.

It was raining this morning so I suffered through the "Trainright Climbing" video. I haven't had my trainer out in months so I was a little cranky about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my Niner One9 arrives at OutSpokin' today so Chris can get it built up for a test ride tomorrow. Even if it doesn't arrive, I see mountains in our future because I'm going a bit stir crazy at the moment.

Looks like my sis-in-law is gonna beat me in the race to have a baby. She's due 5 days after me, but went into pre-mature labor a couple of days ago. Needless to say, she'll probably have her baby in the coming weeks and save herself almost an entire month of waddling around and getting huge. I'm so jealous, but I guess you can't win them all!

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