Saturday, July 4, 2009

Month 7 - Check

Whoo hooo! This weekend marks the end of my 7th month. Although my body is going through major changes right now, riding is still enjoyable for the most part. I noticed on yesterday's ride that my abdominal muscles have officially left the building. As I dropped into my granny gear to ride up Pinhoti 1, I realized I had no core strength due to the muscles being stretched apart and it was WAY HARD to do that steep climbing. It was all legs for me, and they were tired legs at that from doing a long ride Wednesday and some running (yes, actual RUNNING) on Thursday.

Chris has been working on his running and seems to be improving very quickly, so I am very excited for him. We've also gotten to the point where we can enjoy long MTB rides together, although it comes with some pretty bad timing. Does anyone know a good baby-sitter so we can continue to ride together after the baby is born? I don't think we can put her in the Chariot until she's 6 months old...

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Carey said...

It is pretty tough being able to go out just as husband and wife after the baby comes. I am lucky that I had my Dad close by.