Thursday, August 20, 2009


..or more appropriately "pregger brick". It consists of 5-6 laps on the Red Top Bike Trail on my singlespeed and then a hike around the 5 mile Homestead Trail. I've gotten to the point where about 2-3 hours is all I feel like riding, so I'm putting the usual long Wednesday ride on hold for a few weeks in lieu of some shorter workouts closer to home. I still think I'll drag Chris up to the mountains on the weekends, after all, I won't feel so bad if my water breaks in my OWN car! Perhaps driving on some crappy, washboardy FS roads would help in that department??

We had our final baby shower last night, again at Pappadeaux. Great eatin', except for the fact that all that spicy cajun food really works me over at this point! Got a lot of cute gifts and I just finished putting a baby swing together. I hope she uses this stuff for longer than 3 months...because if not we'll have one mother of a garage sale!

Off to the doc today for my weekly checkup where they essentially just weigh me and check my blood pressure, then send me home to cook some more. Good times!

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