Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall Weekend in August

We just had a great weekend, with crisp fall-like temperatures. I was glad I convinced Chris that we should go riding rather than clean out the garage on Saturday, because it was absolutely gorgeous up in the Mountains and dare I say even a bit cool in the shade. It would have been a great weekend to camp up there, but the thought of being on a Thermarest didn't sound all that appealing.

Sunday we headed to Red Top Mountain State Park, where Chris spent some time teaching orienteering skills to some folks while I did my pregger bike/hike brick. Another fine day in the woods and another week I can cross off my calendar. Supposedly only 3 more (or less?) to go!


Chris, Brigette and Norah Dusack said...

I just popped over here to see how you were, Chris and I were wondering about how much longer. 3 more days?? Totally awesome. Little girls are amazing. I took Norah to the newly opened trails at A.L. Burgess park yesterday and although she was timid at first I had to sprint to catch her sometimes! You are going to love it!!! Best wishes. Brigette Dusack

Lisa said...

3 more WEEKS, not days unfortunately : )