Thursday, August 6, 2009

Month 8

Allright...home stretch...with an emphasis on SSTTTTRRREEEETTTTCCCHHHH! Hopefully a month or less left of this whole baby cookin' gig. My doc said its likely that I'll be a couple of weeks early just due to my size - that was music to my ears! I hope he guessed right! I'd like to make it until August 15th, as I'd hate to interfere with Chris's plans to race the Strong AR up in Tennessee, but anytime after that, let the contractions begin!

Still riding and was able to get out on the new 29er Singlespeed on the Noontootla loop on Wednesday. Every time we head out on ride, I wonder...hmmmm...what's going to happen today...I'm hoping that I end up with some great story to tell my daughter some day about how I went into labor at Winding Stair Gap and had to ride back to the car and go to the hospital in my bike clothes. It just wouldn't be right happening any other way.

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Lorna said...

Hang in there! Nursery looks great!