Monday, November 30, 2009

Georgia Cross - Elks Aidmore

The second to last stop of the Georgia Cross Series was this past weekend. Of other notable news, our entire household has been sick for the entire month of November. I am keeping Kimberly Clark in business by buying more Kleenex every week!

Anyways, back to the was a really fun course. Lots of high speed corners and fast downhills. Wish I had the opportunity to ride my SS there, as it would have been a great SS cross course.

I had a bad start as I pulled out of my pedal and couldn't get clipped back in quickly enough. I think I had to settle for 5th place going into the woods, which was not what I had planned. We immediately hit some off camber singletrack, and as the riders in front of me slowed, I could see the two leaders pulling away quickly. On a small climb I was able to pop back into 3rd but I botched riding through a ditch a little later, caused a bit of a pile up and lost even more time to second place. By the time I got back on my bike 2nd place was well out of sight. I tried to chase but guess I didn't have that "extra" gear, so I just rode steady. There were a couple of attacks from Becca and Elizabeth, but both riders slowed after attacking so I was able to maintain contact. I pretty much just waited for the others to get worn down a bit, then picked it up and rode off into 3rd place by myself, picking up time in the technical sections.

Next weekend is the final race, which I am thankful for as all these Sunday Cross races, while great fun, are a huge hinderance to my endurance training. I really wish the races were Saturday instead..

Hopefully by early December, Jayden and I can finally get rid of our colds and I can get back to some semblance of actual training. I'm looking into hiring a coach for 2010 so I can try to get back into XC racing shape. I'd like to build some power and improve my speed so that I don't have to use a "wait for the other riders to get tired" strategy in cross. It looks like I'll be focusing on shorter races next year, as well as some off-road duathlons.

Here's our podium..I'm trying to get Jayden comfortable with being up here for when she starts out-riding me!

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