Monday, December 7, 2009

Cross Season Finale

Yesterday was the final race of the 2009 Georgia Cross Series. I have to say I'm sad that it is all over as I truly had fun racing this season. Perhaps it was that there were some stong ladies out there that never let me win easy, or perhaps I was motivated and well rested after a 9 month hiatus from interval training. And to think it all started with a "what the hell-lets give it a try" decision to go out and race a month after giving birth. Attending all the races was a constant struggle, as my entire family was sick with cold after cold during the entire month of November. I did quite a few races feeling like crap (of course against my better judgement) but it all worked out (and was somehow worth it) in the end, and I got to stand on the top block of the series podium.

I wasn't where I wanted to be fitness-wise, and the constant illness kept traning to a minimum. Any fitness gains were to be made through racing each weekend, which did not amount to much considering my body was already fighting off various germs and infection. So while I didn't pick up much speed over the course of the season, I did become more comfortable with the high intensity riding, so that the last races of the season seemed much easier physically than the first race, where I was gasping for air and running scared. While I didn't have the speed to match the top girls, I did enjoy playing cat and mouse with some others who were closer to me in terms of speed and that made the racing very enjoyable. There is nothing more satisfying than launching a successful attack.

I am looking forward to next year and hope that some smart training will help me get back the speed I once had, as it seems the Georgia Cross series gets tougher each year.


Chris, Brigette and Norah Dusack said...

Girl, please, you did great! You widened that gap so much after lap #2 that #3 didn't have a chance to catch up! I think the first place gal lapped a few, sheesh, she is a rocket. And so are you. Hope my heckling (I was on the hill after the hurdles) wasn't overboard. CX racers are super athletes! Congrats to you!!!

Julia Radmann said...

Congrats! Jayden must be proud of mommy. ;)

Neal said...