Sunday, January 3, 2010

Falling down on the Blog...

Sorry for my lack of updates lately. I've been at home for the holidays but Jayden has also been out of "school" for the past week and a half, so even when we were home, we were busy. I've also been training with my new coach for two weeks now and so far so good. The best thing for me is that I have to upload my workout files nightly, which makes me far more likely to get out on my bike when it is wretched cold outside.

He advised that I skip the first Snake Creek Gap, and that I get some good riding in this weekend in its place. Despite the cold temps, it wasn't THAT bad and I had a couple of good rides. This coming week is a recovery week before Southern Cross. I still haven't decided which bike to ride...I can ride my cross bike and have the shit beat out of me and ride slow on the downhills or I can ride a tank of a hardtail 29er that I borrowed from the shop. Hmm....decisions decisions..

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