Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snuck a couple in!

As I walked out of my office yesterday, I thought NOOOOOOO!!! as I noticed that the parking lot was soaking wet. It didn't dawn on me to check the weather or even look out my window before leaving as all I had on my mind was the short-sleeved-perfect-riding-weather ride I was going to have in an hour. As I made my way home, I got out from the rain and conditions got drier and drier as I neared the house. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed a huge black cloud looming over the neighborhood. I sprinted inside, did a quick change, thinking "must get out the door before it rains!!!!!" Thankfully the weather held and I was able to get in a few laps at Blankets on my singlespeed. It was one of the best rides I'd had there in a long time, and I'll attribute that to being on the singlespeed. I just felt zippy! I don't think I'll be riding it for any 6 hour rides anytime soon, but it is fun for putzing around on mellow trails.

Today I was able to get a run in after the storm clouds parted. It was a bit sloppy, but the weather was perfect. It also gave me a chance to finalize the bike course for the Dirty Duathlon. We now have a loop that will be approximately 12 miles, so that is one less thing to worry about. We have met and surpassed our registration expectations, so I'm really excited at the turnout. We are also now going to be part of the Blue Ridge Outdoors Event Tour, so things keep getting bigger and better.

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