Friday, March 28, 2008

Effective Training : Part 2

This is part two of Lisa's Effective training series...

Start with an already long and difficult ride with 12,000' of climbing. Add an extra 2500' of climbing to the start of it (in lieu of spending more $$ on gas), forget to bring your PB&J, gels, and coke, wear a pack that weighs an extra 12 lbs, and just for $hits and giggles, decide to do the entire ride in your middle chainring. Argh!!!!!!

That was my Wednesday, but at least I'm stronger for it. 82 miles including the Cohutta Death March Loop. I was going to do the same ride tomorrow, but its looking like rain, and the thought of having wet grit grind into the saddle sore I already have just doesn't sound very appealing. I'll likely just do some riding closer to home or part of the Death March if the weather looks decent.

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