Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twice in one day..

NO, its not what you're thinking...get your mind out of the gutter... What I meant to say was that I went riding TWICE today and got rained on TWICE...phooey!

This morning Chris and I hit Blankets Creek only to get hit with a downpour after an hour and a half of riding. Knowing it was still early and with home only being a 10 minute ride from the trail, I figured I'd head home and see what the weather did. I wasn't in the mood to ride with standing water on the trail, but I knew if the rain passed through and then cleared up, that the trail would be dry in a couple of hours.

And so it did, and I headed out for round two later that afternoon. I managed to get almost two and a half hours in before a massive thunderstorm hit. As I hit the halfway point on Dwelling, I started to hear thunder, but took a chance anyway that I'd get home before all hell broke loose. Plus I figured if it got really nasty, Chris would drive over to the trailhead and "rescue" me.

Then came the lightening..I really really REALLY don't like lightening. I picked up the pace, and hoped that it wouldn't get any worse. I finished the trail before the heavy rain came and then bolted back to the house. As I was riding up Sixes Rd, I could see the lightening bolts coming down behind my neighborhood. I felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable so I spun as fast as my one gear would take me to get home. The rain picked up just in time for me to be thoroughly drenched by the time I hit the front door...again.

At least I was able to get in nearly four hours, so I met my goal for the day. On the downside, I've got two helmets, two pairs of gloves, and two pairs of bike shoes that I have to dry out.

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