Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Weather Better Hold!

Argh...I have a feeling my $35 entry to the Baker's Dozen may just be a donation to the SORBA chapter hosting the event as I have this horrible feeling that it will be cancelled. Right now the chance of rain for Fri/Sat is 3o%/40% respectively... Now according to their website, they won't cancel unless it is 60% chance of rain, but SORBA tends to be really protective of their trails. I'll be racing in Blue Ridge on their rain date, so hopefully this weekend will happen. I need an excuse to be on my bike for 13 hours, and a race is about the only way to get me on my bike for that long. Plus if the race gets cancelled, I'll have to suffer through the Cohutta Death March again with Kim and Jay on Sunday...ugh.. Kudos to Kim for Womaning-up and switching to the 100 miler at Cohutta. The women's field has around 30 racers so it will definitely be an exciting event.

Today was awesome..I am definitely enjoying having Wednesdays off - now I just need to work on the getting rid of the other four days a week that I'm stuck in the office. The commute and gas prices are eating into my ride time and race money!!!

We headed up to Tanasi to ride the singletrack portion of the Cohutta 100. The trails were in great shape and Carey provided some motivation for me to work a little. She is truly amazing and has come such a long way in her riding. Endurance racing was the perfect fit for her. After our ride I came home and went for a run over at Blankets. Since the weather is going to be kind of iffy the next few days, I wanted to take advantage of the sun.


Namrita O'Dea said...

yeah i will NOT be happy if it is cancelled!! maybe we'll have sun and 70's again. i can only hope :)

Lisa said...