Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back Home (Grumble Grumble)

Well I'm back home from Blue Ridge and looking around my spacious yet 'not-nearly-as-exiting-as-a-cabin-in-Blue-Ridge' house and trying to figure out what I could sell so that we could start building Randall's Roost on our property up in that same area. I was amazed at how much more relaxed I felt up there and its not too shabby for training either. I wonder if TransCore wants to open a Blue Ridge office.

We had a good weekend and gave Neal the '48-hour-get-your-azz-back-in-shape-right-now-or-we're-leaving-you-for-the-buzzards' workout plan. I'm sure in another week he'll be leaving me in the dust on road rides, but for now we're having fun with him.

The weekend would have been absolutely perfect had I not gotten stung in the um..groin by an onery yellowjacket. I think I might have a teeny pit of poison ivy on my toe too, but that's the price you pay for being in the woods.

I just ate an entire package of guacamole (to go with the huge waffle cone of ice cream I had earlier at Brusters) and now I need to attempt to catch one of my cats to give him his medicine. I'm pretty sure he can read my mind, because he keeps running away whenever I make eye contact.

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Neal said...

Hey Lisa,

Hmm.... the'48-hour-get-your-azz-back-in-shape-right-now-or-we're-leaving-you-for-the-buzzards' workout plan!!!! - I was thinkingf it was the' 48 hours-of-an-old-man-chasing-fit-young-chicks-in-da -woods" work out , Shannon & Kim wouldn't leave me to the buzzards...would ya????

Thanks again!

PS Dropping you on anything is going to take some sweet time! :)