Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blue Ridge Weekend

Well, after a pretty cruddy week we ended up having a fantastic weekend. On Friday all the planets aligned and I was actually able to wrap up my proposal at work to leave early and get a ride in before the Blue Ridge Race Check-in.

I rode the Noontootla/Springer Mtn loop on my singlespeed (yes, I'm back to that bike again) and I must say it was COLD! Probably 40 degrees -/+ at the top of the ridge and the sun didn't decide to come out until the last 15 minutes of my ride. Given that it wasn't actively raining though, I considered myself lucky and just enjoyed the crisp mountain air. I was also relieved to see that I wasn't having any issues riding my SS and my legs, bloated belly and peanut-sized bladder were quite enjoying being able to stand up on the climbs.

Then it was off to meet Julia, Bo and Chris for Blue Ridge race check-in. They received their maps and the race ended up being very strategy based, just like last year. We woke up EARLY the next morning to partake in some grease at the Waffle House and then were off for a cold start to the race. Based on their strategy, I didn't have too much to do as far as support, and the first TA was pretty social as there were a bunch of folks who usually race who were doing support, and everyone else was super friendly. The team came through to retrieve their canoe and were neck and neck with another team so it was pretty exciting! Once the team departed, I headed to the next TA, where I arrived even before the race staff. I think the locals were wondering why I was laying gear and bikes out like a yard sale. Once a race person showed up, I went for a short bike ride to meet the team and take some pictures by the dam. In the end, Julia, Bo and Chris took home second place, so a good performance for them.

On Sunday, we took our chances and headed back up to North GA for another ride. The temps were PERFECT and I worked on evening out my funky tanlines from the day before. No rain, full sun, and 70 degrees...mmm mmm good! We got in close to 4 hours of great riding and I think I've convinced myself that I want to do the Cohutta 65. Still waffling over registering...

Until then, here are some pics from the race...

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