Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Ride Pics and Still no Baby...

We headed up to Bear Creek on Saturday so I could try out my 29er on the 5 mile climb up to Potatopatch Mtn. For whatever reason, I've never had the opportunity to ride my SS all the way to the top, so I figured what better time than when at 38 weeks...anything to pass the time, right?

Crazy enough, I made it without too much trouble, although without working abdominal muscles, I couldn't generate a lot of power on the really steep section of road and had to resort to a cadence of what felt like 30 rpm. Dreadfully slow it seemed on that section, but overall, we were the same speed as going a pretty good clip on geared bikes.

After making poor Chris (who'd much rather ride singletrack) suffer up that climb, he wanted to go down Bear Creek, which I wasn't totally jazzed about because I knew I'd have to be slow and I knew it would be muddy. But knowing that compromise is important, we headed down the slightly squishy Bear Creek Trail. I stopped about halfway down the downhill for a bathroom break and we heard some strange animal snarl/growl/I don't even know...that I'd NEVER heard before. Chris said it sounded like a cougar....and of course it came from down the hill where we had to go. I usually think the peeps who claim they've seen cougars in North Georgia are full of it, but we stayed close together anyway...just in case!

That was the highlight of our ride as the rest of the downhill was pretty slow and uneventful for me...oh, except for us both getting doused with chiggers or something in the grass field before we hit the hard left onto the singletrack. All of a sudden we were both itching like crazy!

I like this picture...I look normal sized.

So lets see here...I'm carrying 16 lbs of baby and baby related goop, plus 6 lbs in my pack (yes, I weighed it). Please tell me I'm going to feel fast and light after she is born??!!

Gosh, I'm freaking huge!

Sunday we finished putting shelves up in the nursery closet so now I can officially say that room is DONE! I was having Braxton Hicks contractions all day, so I was beginning to get excited. I went for a long walk/jog that evening to move things along. As I was laying there in bed trying to fall asleep they seemed to get stronger so I was like whoo hoo!!! FINALLY! But no...they subsided by morning and now I haven't felt a peep. Bummer because I really didn't feel like going into work today...Please tell me this isn't going to drag on for another two weeks!

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